Tangled Web by Jade Falconer


M\M Historical Fantasy

ISBN: 1-59426-583-6

Reviewed by Ley



Forced into hiding to save himself from the brutal hands of the Harper brothers, David disguised himself as Mary, an orphaned maiden and set out for the country side.  Saved from a robbery and possible rape that would have turned deadly if his secret was revealed, David found he was more than grateful to Alexander, the beautiful man who was his rescuer.  Staring up into Alexander's brown eyes, David had never in his life felt such a strong attraction to another person. And the  way Alexander looked at him-at Mary, David could almost believe Alexander felt the same attraction.  Knowing that nothing could ever become of such thoughts or feelings David pushed them aside and accepted the help that Alexander offered him, but resisting Alexander's charms was a lot harder than David thought.

Alexander was overwhelmed with protective feelings for the Lady Mary.  Out of all the women his mother had tried to marry him off to, not one has ever made him feel such need as the raven-haired beauty, Mary. But Alexander also has secrets that may prevent him from spending the rest of his life with Mary.

I absolutely adored this story!  Tangled Web was the perfect title for it, everyone had secrets and there were even bigger secrets than the one David was keeping.  David was the sweetest most caring person, I couldn't help but love him.  He would give his all for those he cared about without thought to his own personal safety and/or comfort.  He proved this by saving the theater where he was a principle actor, his action causing him to become Mary and go into hiding, and also by aiding his beloved cousin even though he was dealing with a broken heart.  Alexander's heart was just as caring, and he proved himself to be a strong and moral character in his handling of the many secrets that were revealed to change his life, his beliefs, and the fate of his future.  This was a beautiful story, the perfect read for cuddling on the couch on a rainy afternoon.


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