Standoff by Lauren Dane

Cascadia Wolves, Book 4

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Werewolf

ISBN: 1-59998-884-4

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Cade Warden is the pack alpha of the Cascadia wolf pack. For years he has lived and breathed and bled with his fellow pack mates.  He has also yearned to find that one wolf who completes him. A female who has been designated as his alone.  Despairing at ever finding her and becoming more lonely each year, Cade puts his pack’s needs above his own and just lives life day-to-day as he can.  Striving to stay ahead of Warren Pellini and his gang of thugs, Cade attends a meeting of other pack leaders who have hopes of outing Pellini and his evil minions.  When SHE walks in the meeting room, Cade does a double take because unless he has a cold, his nose is telling him something that he has been waiting for his entire life.

She is Grace Pellini, sister to Warren and a doctor.  Knowing that her brother is violating all sorts of pack laws, Grace has slowly but surely gathered enough evidence to put him away.  The only choice she has is to meet with his enemies and hope for protection.  She has no idea that in making one phone call her life will be changed forever and just when she gets the hang of being the female alpha to Cade’s male, a challenge is issued by her brother that could tear her and Cade apart. 

It goes without saying that Lauren Dane is an auto-buy for me and as long as she is writing and publishing books, I will be reading them.  Standoff is the continuing story of the Cascadia pack from previous books, and this time the hero is Cade, the alpha of this wonderful and powerful pack.  Cade is anything but a pushover but when it comes to Grace, he wears his heart of his sleeve and his sensuous nature comes out full force.  I found Grace to be quite unique. She was a doctor, tiny, and looked very fragile because of her small stature. Well, if you could make her the size of her heart and give her the willpower that she had, she would have been a giant.  Anything but fragile, she was able to wrap her wolf around her finger and to me, that was the ultimate in strength.

Bold, arousing, and powerful, Standoff is a book by Lauren Dane to read over and over and I plan on doing just that!



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