Soul Master by Reese Gabriel

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419911378

Reviewed by Tanya



Cindy can’t believe she is so attracted to Conrad DeWitt, the best man to her maid of honor position.  She had heard things about her best friend’s new brother-in-law and now after only two days of knowing him, she is trying all she can to avoid him, which is not easy on a romantic and remote Caribbean island.  But she knows if she gives into her desires she will make a fool out of herself.

When Conrad confronts her and insists she come to dinner, she is trapped.  But, much to her surprise, after a few drinks over dinner, she finds herself giving into her desires.  She resists the rules Conrad places on their time together, mainly that it is a one night, “no strings attached” affair, and that he will rock her world.  She is concerned that one night won’t be enough for her and that he will ruin her for all other men.  But in the end, she decides that one night is better than none.

After the night of incredible sex and lovemaking, Cindy and Conrad are surprised at how much they want to continue.  But as usual Conrad takes off and while he is gone, he and Cindy are both thinking about how to move on, when it doesn’t’ seem possible.  What would you do after one night of “no strings attached” super hot sex, when you suddenly want those strings?  Conrad is forced to rethink his policy, but it is going to be hard to sort things out when he is in Afghanistan.

Soul Master is a wonderful story about a woman who knows what she wants and how she will go about getting it, even against her better judgment.  I completely enjoyed this erotic romance with a light touch of dominance by the main male character, no whips and chains here.  The author does a wonderful job of weaving the characters’ feelings into not only the dialogue, but into the overall story, so the reader can imagine the scenes.  If you like your Dom/Sub relationships to be sans whips and chains, or you want a hot military man romance then Soul Master is one you need to pick up.


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