Sol Invictus by Syd McGinley

Holiday Naughty Sip

Torquere Press


Reviewed by Beth Anne



Further adventures at Dr. John Fell’s cabin continue during the holiday season when Dr. Fell and Tommy are joined by Laurie, Dexter, and Twink (Charlie).  Twink is even more excitable than ever.   Laurie’s owner has called in a punishment chip.  Dexter is just so sweet.  Tommy is a good boy.  Dr. Fell is mostly The Grinch.  My favorite is still Twink.  His two redeeming qualities:  his love for his owner Ben and is oral skills.  And does it surprise anyone to know Twink needs a spanking just to calm him down?  Well, no, but it was fun.

Dr. Fell does help Laurie come to understand some of what causes Laurie to be a troubled pouting boy for his owner Simon.  Dexter, “pagan-boy”, tries so hard to get along with Laurie due to his owner’s request.

Sol Invictus was a lovely addition to the Dr. Fell storyline.  Though reading Pet Sitting, A Short Leash, and Samhain all published by Torquere Press, gives a more  in-depth background on Dr. Fell and the boys, Sol Invictus can be read and enjoyed alone.  Beyond the obvious dominant/submissive exchanges, the progression of Dr. Fell’s journey from “darkness to new life” and the hope to come is poignant and touching.  Sol Invictus prepares Dr. Fell even more fully to the possibilities of his own future love, and I am looking forward to reading more.


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