She Wolf by Teresa D'Amario

Freya’s Bower

Erotic Paranormal/Werewolf

ISBN: 1-934069-90-6

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Anna Callaway has always known that she was different, even a bit odd.  Able to hear thoughts and voices of other people in her head, she goes out of her way to stay alone and away from a lot of people.  Being a small town veterinarian helps keep her isolated, and that's the way she likes it. Her peculiar sense of smell, perfect eyesight, and more strength than any woman should have were indications that she was not normal, but Anna just took them to mean that she was unusual.  Just how unusual isn’t made known to her until she is almost kidnapped by two wolves intent on making her their prize and rescued by third wolf.  Everything is now messed up, and the life that Anna thought she was living was a lie.  Not to mention the fact that supposedly she's a wolf too, AND a True Mate to the man that rescued her. 

Kieran Hunter used to be the alpha of his pack.  After having stepped down, he took the position of protector.  He spends his days and nights searching for and disciplining those wolven who would reveal themselves to humans.  When he comes across two rogue pack members trying to kidnap the small town veterinarian, Kieran comes to her rescue.  After one sniff he knows the truth.  This beautiful woman is not human and she is his mate.  Making her believe him is going to be tough, but Kieran is up for the job.

She Wolf surprised me tremendously.  Used to reading shifter stories about alpha males, I was instantly intrigued by the fact that Anna was an alpha female.  I like how some of the men deferred to her status, but loved how Kieran handled her.  His feelings and emotions towards this small town veterinarian shined through on every page.

Teresa D’Amario is now on my ‘author to watch’ radar. I found She Wolf to be well written and very compelling.  It gave shapeshifting a new twist, and I liked it!


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