Shadow of Moonlight by Lena Matthews & Liz Andrews

Moonlight Series, Book 2

Elloraís Cave


ISBN: 9781419914481

Reviewed by Indy



As the pack Venator, second only to her packís leader, Remington isnít the girly type. A woman who knows more about fighting than being feminine, she doesnít understand why the pack seer Jace sends her body into overdrive. Jace is a Werewolf with the ability to see visions yet lacks the capability to change forms. He knows Remington is meant to be his mate even it heís sure it will take a lot of patience on his part to make her see how truly deserving of love she really is. Together Jace and Remington bring clarity to Jaceís visions which will be needed if they are to maneuver through the pack politics and family secrets coming to bring turmoil yet again to their pack.

First things first, heed the reader advisory and read the preceding story in the Moonlight series. I thoroughly enjoyed Shadow of Moonlight and found it exciting and full of tension, some sexual and other, from the drama being played out. Remington was Ms. Tough when it came to protecting her pack and her leader but hidden inside was a tender side, the side of a woman needing her own family, wanting to be loved and embrace the joy it brings. I love Jace; his inability to change didnít slow down his need to claim in front of everyone his mate. I thought he was still one tough cookie considering his main talent lay in his ability to foresee future events. These two are fascinating enough but the side story of Remingtonís extended family and Jaceís clarity while in her company makes this a story to a must read for fans of the shifter genre. I canít wait to see what authors Lena Matthews & Liz Andrews have in the works because the unfolding of events is truly a pleasure to experience.


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