Sex Me Tender by Tannia Xander and Bonnie Rose Leigh

Children of the Triad Series

eXtasy Books

Fantasy/ Sci-Fi/ Mťnage

ISBN: 1-55410-815-2

Reviewed by Tanya




Arabella and her twin Ariella are not only dragon princesses; they also are the children of the triad formed by Brandy, Damir and Kaylen.  They are now adults themselves, and while they have not found their mate yet, neither would be surprised if the Goddess decides that they will both form triads, as their parents did.  Arabella knows it is time to strike out and get their friend, Ryo, the eldest surviving Hienial-Halfling, to accept his fate of bringing all of the Halflings together.  Ryo finally accepts that he needs to do just that and that he has many friends who are planning to help him along the way.  On the night, when Ryo is talking to some of these friends at a gathering of support for him, Arabella is hit with desire so strong that she is stunned. This has never happened before.  The man, Merrick, who sparked this reaction in her, is having the same reaction, which stuns him as he had given up on finding his mate long ago.  So as they embark on the journey to help Ryo, they also embark on relationship and mating.

Viktor díVrai is another Hienial-Halfling and he has been visited by the Goddess herself.  He needs to find Ryo and tell him what the Goddess has said.  He and his friends piece together a ship and send him off into space to seek Ryo.  When Viktorís ship is dead and floating through space, he suddenly feels a longing that stuns him.  Arabella is also hit with the same feeling when they are hailing his disabled ship.  She knows instantly that Viktor is also her mate, making her a triad member. Viktorís information helps Ryo immensely and he is also made to be Ryoís second-in-command.  But will Viktor and Merrick be able to accept they are part of a triad, as Arabella will not choose one over the other.

Sex Me Tender is an absolutely fantastic continuation of a series.  Many series tend to get stale after a while, but this team of authors has found a way to keep it super hot, and make the readers want more.  I know I do! I love the fact that the series is now going to continue with the children of the original triads.  It shows that the authorsí depth of imagination as well as their understanding of the time it takes to make some of the changes in evolution they are suggesting.  Because of this depth, they take through time and space with their characters.  This series continues with a fresh new angle, hot and spicy sex scenes and continues to have a strong plotline that keeps me turning the pages.  I am now awaiting book two of the Children of the Triad.


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