Seducing a God by Taige Crenshaw

Naughty Nuptials

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary/Gods and Goddesses

ISBN: 9781419911453

Reviewed by Tanya



Paula and her sister are in business together and when her sister is finally getting married, Paula of course must ‘suffer’ through all of the proceedings.  Everything is going as boring as she anticipated until she sees the god in the rear of the church.  Now her thoughts center on this man and how she might be able to meet him.  Though each time she thinks she will be able to catch him, something happens and they don’t connect.  She decides to stop wasting her time looking for him and goes back to work; she was only looking to have a quick fling with him anyways.

Markus is the God of Matrimony and is personally going to oversee the wedding of Paula’s sister.  This family has been the one ‘thorn in his side’ and what he sees as his biggest failure.  He finds it interesting that his sister (the Goddess of Fertility) and some of their friends are also at the wedding, but that is how things go sometimes.  Everything comes to a screeching halt in his mind when he sees Paula.  He is suddenly having fantasies about her and they haven’t ever met. 

What will happen when the finally meet?  The God of Matrimony and the woman who doesn’t believe in marriage, at least not for herself.

Seducing a God is a fast-paced, erotic story.  The author brings into reality the gods and goddesses of the second generation, those whom are the children of Zeus and Aphrodite to name a few.  These days the God of Matrimony and the Goddess of Fertility are brother and sister, which makes for an interesting rivalry.  I enjoyed how the characters tried to fight their attraction to each other and how they each dealt with it.  I enjoyed Seducing a God and look forward to more books by Taige Crenshaw.


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