Seducer by Aubrey Ross

Sensual Captivity, Book 1

Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Futuristic Romance

ISBN: 9781419913600

Reviewed by Lisa



Brilliant scientist that she is, Dr. Andrea Raynier spends all her time on a space station above the Earth deep in research on human DNA.  Andrea has developed RENA, a method of curing and healing destroyed organs, mutations and other cellular deficiencies.

Two planets have spent years trying to destroy the other.  Mal Ton Adoha of Stilox and General Bryson of Protaria both want and need Andrea to cure the mutations the Protarians biological weapons have unleashed on Stilox and brought back to Protaria.

Andrea is kidnapped by Mal Ton who attempts to seduce her into helping his people with the aid of Roark Talbot, a Stilox scientist.  Intrigue escalates as everyone wants a piece of Andrea and her discovery.  She doesn’t know who to trust, if anyone. But one man is getting to her by answering her sexual needs in ways even Andrea finds shocking.  Who will she help when everyone is suspect, even the man she is falling for so deeply?

In Seducer the reader is taken on a seductive journey of want, need and ultimately trust turning into love.  Multiple intense personalities light a powder keg of carnal exploration and sensual appetites.  Author Aubrey Ross paints a colorful tapestry of future’s possibilities in the war of the sexes.  I thoroughly soaked up Seducer, loved the characters and the story even when I didn’t understand the scientific stuff.  The downside is the somewhat abrupt ending but that doesn’t stop me from looking forward to the next story in this series.


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