Saturnalia, Lord of Misrule by Marie Harte

Festival of Lights

Loose Id

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59632-596-8

Reviewed by Lisa



A holiday trip to Il Regalo, Italy with her grandparents turns into the trip of a lifetime for Allegra Valente.  A recent breakup and a very unsatisfactory sex life all around have left Allegra resigned to never experiencing the big ‘O’ and putting all her passion into her own small successful bakery.

Partners in a local business, Renato ‘Rene’ Fortuna and Matteo ‘Matt’ Silvano can’t wait for this years Festival and the naming of the Lord of Misrule and his consort or consorts.  Both men know they were born to play key roles in honoring the god Saturn at the Saturnalia.  They have waited what seems like forever for this week and Allegra is the key.  Now Matt and Rene must convince Allegra to give in to her desires and agree to indulge in any and all sexual cravings and fantasies with them.  Only then will success be assured and Saturn satisfied.

Turn the fan on high or sit in the snow while you read Festival of Lights: Saturnalia, Lord of Misrule, it’s that hot!  It seems like the start was a bit contrived, not as smooth as it could have been but once the story gets rolling I enjoyed every ‘smoking’ chapter.  This is most definitely the story to read if you like well written M/M and M/F/M sensuality in the guise of saluting Saturn, King of Gods.  Have someone or something available when you reach ‘The End’!


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