Room Service by Cat Marsters


Changeling Press

Paranormal, Hot Flashes

ISBN: 978 1 59596 747 3

Reviewed by Jen


Samantha can’t resist being in control. Told to take a holiday break, she ends up taking over room service in the new hotel. Delivering refreshments to a rock band with the lurid name Vampires could be eye-opening, she thinks, even a trifle hazardous. But surely she’s seen all there is to see in hotel rooms during her working life.

She’s wrong.

Room Service changes Sam’s life forever once she opens the door of the Vampires’ hotel room. Shocked out of her usual sang froid, Samantha clings precariously to her cool, and all but bolts from the room. She doesn’t escape however, for she bumps into Sully, one of the band members, on the beach later.

The writing is witty and perceptive, and the denouement, when it comes, is a surprise. I enjoyed reading Room Service for the entertaining internal dialogue of the heroine, and I wanted the story to go on far longer than it did.


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