Red Phoenix Rising by Marie Carroll

Linden Bay

Historical Romance

ISBN: 1-905393-66-0

Reviewed by Emma



Alaina Abbott, Foreign Correspondent, is an investigative reporter uncovering the truth and reporting it.  She has learned how to do her job in a man’s world. Alaina’s latest assignment is to spend 18 months covering the war.

Colonel Robert E. Lee Blackhart, aka ‘Blackhart’, is not happy. An ace aviator and ladies’ man, he is assigned to work with Alaina, whether either of them likes it or not. As they get to know each other he feels a pull of attraction to the stubborn Alaina.

Red Phoenix Rising is a dark, unsatisfying novel. Ms. Carroll has several good ideas but she put too many plots into one novel. As you read Red Phoenix Rising you are wondering whether it is truly a romance, a suspense/mystery or a war dissertation. Alaina and Blackhart come off as two spoiled children who never know quite what they want to be if they ever grow up. I will say that the two characters do act like grown-ups to the other characters it is just their interaction to each other that is one-dimensional. Unfortunately for the reader their relationship is the story.


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