Ooh Rah! by Tilly Greene



ISBN: 978-1-59426-800-7

Reviewed by Tanya



What happens when communication breaks down between the home front and the battlefield? Tasha Ruskya has everything she could possibly want. Life is good…no, great! She's worked hard to be independent and has finally found her soul mate. The only drawback is that his job is very dangerous, the life-threatening kind. Is she prepared to handle all the worry that comes with him?

Warrant Officer Dale Smythe loves being a Marine. The Corps is his world. His job is a challenge, physically and mentally, and requires him to be at the top of his game. Then, on the day he decided to make changes in his personal life, he meets the woman who manages to keep his humanity connected. But will he be able to handle it when he must leave for war? War is tough, for everyone involved, but there are also many very rewarding aspects - like the reunion.

Ooh Rah! by T. Greene was a wonderful look into new (and hot) relationships.  I loved how both characters were bit by the “love bug” but were afraid to let the other know for sure due to being concerned they were moving too fast.  The author also did a great job in expressing the fears that family members left behind during a deployment experience when suddenly cut off from all the technology of today.  In some ways, it reveals how technology can hut a relationship, if someone is overdue etc.  The author was also able to write some pretty sexy and graphically erotic scenes.  I enjoyed Ooh Rah! and will look for others by this author in the future.


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