One Way Street by Laney Cairo

Torquere Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance

ISBN 978-1-60370-288-1

Reviewed by Nannette



Shayne Davis is a star Aussie Rules Football player for the Hammers. He and his lover Dale shared an apartment and were madly in love but then Shayne dumped Dale for a woman. Dale hasn’t gotten over Shayne. He’s even avoided Hammers games because he can’t bear to see him.  Eleven months have gone by and Dale is trying to move on. He’s come back to the apartment to pack up more of his things and discovers Shayne there. Shayne is in bad shape. He looks tired and sick and when he reaches out to Dale, Dale can’t refuse him. Shayne’s life is a mess and Dale is willing to help him but he’s not willing to get hurt again. Shayne’s road to recovery is one slow step at a time. Dale is hoping that each step will bring Shayne back to him.

One Way Street is beautiful and poignant. The angst and joy are tangible. I could feel Shayne’s pain and Dale’s longing. One Way Street is a very moving story. I particularly loved the ending. There is a highly erotic and very loving scene between Shayne and Dale that solidifies the depth of their love and trust in each other for me. It’s really beautiful.   


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