One of the Guys by Shiloh Walker

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419913617

Reviewed by Indy



Growing up with someone doesn’t mean you really know them. Jaynie finds this out the hard way when she catches her fiancé enacting his threesome fantasies out with the Bambi from across the street and his best friend from college. Devastated doesn’t even begin to describe how Jaynie feels when her fiancé decides to cut her to the core by also attacking her femininity. Needing to feel better about who she is as a woman, Jaynie decides to ask her business partner for one night of no commitments, no holds barred action. Brian has always seen Jaynie as his business partner and his sister’s best friend, the night he and Jaynie spend together changes everything. Now he’s no longer sure he can go back to just a co-worker and friend.

The business of mixing friendship with pleasure is always a tricky maze to maneuver. One of the Guys gives an up close and personal look at how emotional entanglement is easily one sexual encounter away from happening. Jaynie and Brian have known each other for years, but until the evening they crossed over to becoming lovers neither knew how well matched and suited they really were. Shiloh Walker is an expert at creating stories with some hard hitting issues, consciously or not I was impressed with how she dealt with date rape. Since more than likely it isn’t a stranger but someone you know who is most likely to harm you. One of the Guys is great story but then I never expect anything less from a woman who has become a master of the written word.


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