One Hot Experiment by Cheryl Dragon

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419912856

Reviewed by Indy



An outsider since birth Maddie has found her place in the world among a well rounded group of misfits and geeks. When Tim, a nemesis from college appears in response to a growing security threat her company is having Maddie thinks she can finally get her well deserved revenge. Tim can’t believe the same Maddie who he craved in college is here and in the flesh. He’s sure she would never want a guy like him, one from the wrong side of the tracks and whose family put the ‘d’ in dysfunction. So when Maddie comes to him with wild abandonment he is more than willing to believe that just maybe he has a chance with her, even if he does lack the educational background that is typical in her world.

You got to love a story about a woman with too much brains and plenty of social clumsiness who can still get her man in the end. One Hot Experiment is about two people who aren’t the best when it comes to social situations and the opposite sex, but when they come together there is nothing but fireworks. Maddie and her hair-brained idea to get revenge for perceived past slights is comedic when you consider the fact that she got way too much enjoyment out of Tim’s “payback”. Cheryl Dragon did a great job in creating a story that was fun to read and whose characters really touched me as a reader. Maddie and Tim weren’t perfect, they had some flaws personality wise but in the end they were a match made in heaven.


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