Off The Record by Matthew Haldeman-Time


Erotic M/M Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Nannette



Jordan Jennings is a screenwriter. His mom is famous actress Jacqueline Jennings.   Patrick Wright is a reporter for Pop Television. Patrick has a crush on Jordan but Jordan is mysterious.  No one knows if he is gay or straight. And then there are the rumors about who his father is. Jordan is attracted to Patrick as well but he’s not out and he has a family secret to protect.  Getting involved with a reporter isn’t wise. Jackie wants to see her son with Patrick and gets them together at every available opportunity. Her matchmaking works and after a few business events Jordan and Patrick have their first date. One date leads to another and another and soon they’re having a full blown affair. When Patrick discovers Jordan’s secret will he keep it off the record or risk losing Jordan?

Off the Record is sweet and hot.  Jordan and Patrick’s desire for each other is sweet and they’re sizzling hot in bed. Off the Record is a romantic and very sensual story with a bit of suspense.


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