Nutcracker by Tuesday Morrigan

The Firm

Changeling Press

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-59596-799-2

Reviewed by Lisa



Known as Mistress Noelle to her submissive men and as Sabrina Noelle in the business world she sometimes walks a tightrope between the two, at least it feels that way at times.

Owner of the fetish club Lyon’s Den, Kaden Lionheart also has his reasons for keeping his personal and professional lives separate.  It really wouldn’t do for people to know that respectable lawyer Kaden spends his evenings fulfilling his desires as a Dom.

One night together and Kaden is wearing the Mate’s Mark on his wrist letting him know he has found the woman meant for him.  Sabrina is floating on air after her night with Kaden as he made her feel things she never thought possible for her.  But now Sabrina’s mind is on her company’s merger and the blackmailer who may ruin everything.  Kaden has his work cut out for him – he plans to win Sabrina, stay out of her merger plans and trap a scheming blackmailer.  One more little thing, Kaden must explain the mark to Sabrina and exactly what it means to her or more importantly to them. Should be simple, right?

Author Tuesday Morrigan skillfully writes hot, intensely carnal scenes and readers benefit from her talent with The Firm: Nutcracker.  Sabrina and Kaden are pure alpha personalities and their developing relationship is exciting and fun to watch.  Unfortunately, the paranormal elements, business merger and blackmail plotline never seem to mesh together with the relationship.  The Firm: Nutcracker has a wonderful love story but the rest doesn’t manage to pull it together.


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