Nothing to Fear by Natasha Moore

Tricks and Treats

Elloras Cave


ISBN: 9781419913549

Reviewed by Elysia



Kelly Long is a quiet young woman that works at the local high school. Her longing for the hot, sexy Mason Blake is a tightly kept secret, as it brings out thoughts and desires she is unwilling to face.

Mason wants Kelly, but he needs to be sure that she can handle his own dark desires.  Will her night as a volunteer at the local Haunted House give him the opportunity to show her that he is exactly what she wants?

I enjoyed this story of a woman learning to accept her non-vanilla tastes, but it may not be for everyone. I was unsure at first, as Kelly is tied down and at his mercy, but I quickly found that Kelly had Nothing to Fear, as Mason made sure she enjoyed and was willing for every move he made.


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