Miss September by Madison Hayes

Calendar Girls

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419914140

Reviewed by Jo



Colt Hardin is about to grab one more large advertising campaign. His business has come a long way in a few short years. Colt knows that it has been a joint effort between him and his assistant. But as good as his professional life is now, his personal life his still trying to recover from the ultimate betrayal. Now he is headed to Vegas with Renny to pitch the campaign and seal the deal.

Renny Clarkson has wanted Colt since he hired her, however, he was married during that time. Besides, Renny can barely put two words together without stuttering, much less let Colt know how she feels. Now in Vegas, several unexpected twists happen and Colt puts her right in the middle of them. When the weekend is over and they go home, will Colt and Renny have lots of things to talk about or will it be like the saying goes: “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?”

Miss September brings Colt Hardin into the spotlight (remember the Hardin brothers?) and makes him remember that sometimes the quietest of people can roar the loudest. Renny is quiet, shy, and usually stutters when she tries to communicate with those around her. Well, there are a few times that she is very clear. Colt is recovering from a bad divorce and wants nothing to do with women in any form. Colt and Renny forgot to remember that Vegas makes the impossible happen in a heartbeat. I was very happy to see that Colt was getting his book and I was amazed at how opposite Renny was from the bold, handsome man. However, Renny was the perfect and possibly the only woman to break through Colt’s walls. Miss September is another fantastic Calendar Girls book. It has the heat, passion, and humor that I have found in all of the previous books. Ms. Hayes has delivered another winner and whether you have been following the series or just thinking about starting it, I know you will love Miss September.


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