Mischief In The Dark by Liza James

The Wild Rose Press – Scarlet Rose

Contemporary Erotic Romance/ Halloween

Reviewed by Tanya



Shari Phillips is redesigning herself this Halloween.  She has broken it off with her loser of a boyfriend and now she is going to conquer another of her fears, the haunted house.  She is dressed as a tiger for a friend’s party but decides to leave home early enough to go through the Jaycee’s local haunted house first.  She’s going to do it… Nope, she is going to chicken out.  She’s going to do it… Nope, she is going to chicken out.  Enough, she tells her brain and buys a ticket.  She attaches herself to a group of teenagers and one darkly handsome “vampire”.  When the lights go out and she panics and falls backwards though a door, her vampire falls with her.  Now they are alone with nothing to do.  Hmmm… It doesn’t take them long to let their attraction take over and there will be more than a few treats this night.

Mischief in the Dark will give the reader a whole new view of haunted houses.  I love that Shari decided to conquer her fears by attending a haunted house alone; she is tired of being a wimp.  The author sets the stage for not only conquering her fears but maybe finding the right man for her.  The internal conversations that both main characters both have will make you laugh, as will the twist at the end of the story.  I found Mischief in the Dark to be a fun, lighthearted, erotic quick read.


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