Mirror, Mirror by Marie Harte

Loose Id

Paranormal m/m/f

ISBN:  978-1-59632-566-1

Reviewed by Beth Anne



Long time friends and neighbors, Linc Barron and Mandy Rovela have made a bet to spend Halloween night at Mandy’s grandmother’s haunted house.  Winner of the wager gets the loser at beck and call for twenty-four hours.  Linc has plans for Mandy, but Mandy refuses to be another “firehouse bimbo”.  Neither Linc nor Mandy take into consideration the mage that has been trapped in the mirror for 500 years and can only be freed on Halloween.

Mirror, Mirror starts out funny with Linc and Mandy snapping away and circling one another with a sexual tension that escalates as the story progresses.  The mage trapped in the mirror, Dominic de Sange, plans on escalating the sexual tension even higher, and plans to use both Linc and Mandy to gain his freedom.  I enjoyed Linc and Mandy’s relationship and the snappy dialogue.   The naughtiness of Dominic and his ghostly sexual play was enticing.  I liked Linc and his protectiveness of the smart-aleck Mandy.  As Linc and Mandy both come to recognize their love for each other, their relationship culminates in some down-and-dirty action and the love play has the potential to be the right amount of sex magic a trapped mage needs to break his bonds!


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