Millerís Tale by G.A. Hauser


Contemporary/ Interracial

ISBN: 978-1-59426-753-6

Reviewed by Indy



As a criminal defense attorney Sonja Knight knows first hand how the LAPD can be as corrupt as the people she defends. When an attempted break in at her home has her calling the police to her home, Officer Steve Miller is the cute white officer who shows up. Sonja would never have guessed being the child of parents involved in the NAACP that she would be attracted to a man whose father is a well known bigot in the force. Rookie Steve knows being involved with a woman of color wonít go over well if his parents ever find out but that doesnít stop him from chasing after the beautiful attorney. Social standings and race are only a few of the obstacles standing in the way of Sonja and Steve but sometimes the best love is forged by the fire consuming it.

As an avid fan of the interracial genre I tend to shy away from books where there is a heavy focus on race. After reading a couple of reviews for Millerís Tale and seeing that the author had a police background I figured I had to read the book for myself. I must admit to being drawn in from the beginning, like gawking at an accident scene, this story was as disturbing as it was fascinating. I wondered as I continued to see how Steve and Sonjaís relationship progressed and the reactions of their parents and coworkers if maybe G.A. Hauser saw some of these reactions up close and personal in her work as an officer. Millerís Tale Iím sure is indicative of what you might see on occasion in this melting pot we call America. For sure this tale is an attention grabber that kept me absorbed which made it an excellent read. I liked how the realism of prejudice was shown from both sides because no matter how some people try to say it isnít so the Caucasian race doesnít own a monopoly on intolerance. I think I will give G.A. Hauserís other stories a chance if this is a prime example of the great stories sheís able to create.


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