Mikhail's Hunt by Dana Littlejohn

The Dioni Chronicles, Book 1
Red Rose Press

Interracial Paranormal

Reviewed by Nellie



Mikhail Jamison goes out looking for a mate after being taught the art of pleasuring women. This is a passage of life for those chosen few of his race; he travels from Cuba to America hunting for his mate, one night in a club he sees Christina Martinez dancing. Christina thinks Mikhail is rude, arrogant and pushy and does not want anything to do with him. Finding no alternative, Mikhail decides to woo Christina in her dreams without restrictions or boundaries. When Mikhail finally owns up to his nightly activities, will Christina forgive him to become his life mate?

Mikhailís Hunt is so different from this authorís other books. For me it was bad different mainly because of the unconscious manipulation by Mikhail. It bothered me that he would have sex with other women and then come to seduce Christina while she was sleeping. I will give Ms. Littlejohn another try in the future, but Mikhailís Hunt was not for me.


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