Love and Lights by Dahlia Rose

Amira Press

Contemporary Interracial Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Rachel had thought she and Victor would be together forever,  until he dumped her three years ago and broke her heart.  Now she is home for the holidays for the first time since that awful Christmas Eve years ago at the insistence of her parents.  She arrives to find her parents away  on a cruise and there is an unexpected house guest.  The house guest is recuperating SWAP officer Victor, the rat bastard who dumped her.  It appears that her parents were part of this set up and she is furious. She wants to leave immediately but Mother Nature has other ideas and she is snowed in.  Not only that but since Victor is recuperating from a painful leg injury and she is a physical therapist, she canít help but help him when it appears he has overdone things with his leg.

But can Christina forgive him enough to listen to how much of an idiot Victor now knows he was all those years ago and give him another chance?

Love and Lights was a fast-paced story about love and forgiveness and understanding.  I enjoyed how the author portrayed the jumpstart of an old relationship and how Rachelís parents were part of the deception in getting Victor to have some uninterrupted time with Rachel.  Though I did feel that Rachel might have caved in a little too quickly, that didnít take away from the overall story.  The author wrote a quick-witted female character that was strong as well as compassionate.  Love and Lights is another Christmas tale that will make many smile.


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