Last Wish by Shelley Munro

Ellora’s Cave Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781419911255

Reviewed by Lisa



Dillon Sanderson lives in a picturesque town in New Zealand surrounded by family and friends, with a job he enjoys thoroughly.  The only thing missing is someone to share his life with and in a predominately female population finding a male partner is even more difficult.

A genie for far longer than he cares to remember, Zanofredo or Zane plans to remedy the situation.  This time he will stay free, this time the wristbands will not go back on, this time he will succeed.

One little rub on a funny shaped teapot gives Dillon a wish and sets Zane free.  Zane must elude Hasim, the boss genie and his men for ten days before freedom is guaranteed.  When Dillon offers his help Zane suspects ulterior motives from the human.  So begins an emotional journey for two strong yet vulnerable men.  Trust is earned as is love but will there be time enough for these two?

Compelling and sinfully sexy, Last Wish explores lust, love and trust in a very satisfying way.  Author Shelley Munro builds a story between these two alpha men with great skill and adds exciting sexual encounters sure to arouse readers as well.  I loved the characters, honest and contrary as men can be and totally hot sex to round it out.  Last Wish holds no big surprises but definitely holds readers until the end.


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