Last Man Standing by Kacey Hammell

Whispers Publishing

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Jazz has never completely gotten over her high school sweetheart, no matter what her friends try to tell her, or how many men she dates.  She knows that unless she finally deals with these feelings she will never be able to fully move on with her life.  She is now thirty and her biological clock seems to have gone on overdrive.  She knows it must be hormones. Why else would she suddenly by fantasizing about her good friend Ryder?  But as their friendship is one of the foundations her stands on, she doesnít want to take the chance and ruin it by making a play for him.

Ryder is running out of time.  He has hidden his desire for Jazz to be his one and only for years.  He is wondering if she will ever see him as her possible life mate.  When Jazzís high school sweetheart suddenly contacts her and wants to meet for drinks, Ryder decides to make his move.  He kisses her and tells her the truth, which strikes her speechless.  Since Ryder is also her boss, he tells her to take a few days and decide what she wants to do about his declaration, as he canít go back to just being friends.  Will she meet her old sweetheart?  What will she do about Ryder?

Last Man Standing is about being able to recognize the jewels right in front of you.  I felt the author did a wonderful job of mixing humor with the serious, life-changing decisions the characters were making.   There was just the right amount of misunderstanding and meddling friends to keep this story interesting and intriguing.  I thoroughly enjoyed Last Man Standing.


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