Last Man Standing By Janet Davies

Sequel to Swift of Heart


Romance - Paranormal

ISBN: 9781419910753

Reviewed by Tanya



Amy Hart has avoided visiting her sister for a number of months now.  But she figures she has to finally “bite the bullet” and cross dimensions to see her before it might harm the baby to time travel.  You see, Amy is six months pregnant and knows she will most likely run into the baby’s father when she visits her sister. The father; Alex, is her brother-in-law’s (Mac) best friend.  When she first met Alex, he was trying to keep her safe and one moment of unbridled passion had Amy seeing a future for them, until Alex brutally dumped her and headed back to his own dimension.  Now Amy has had six months to harden her heart and wants nothing to do with him, especially after he publicly denies his part in the baby’s paternity.

Alex wants nothing more than to have Amy “Red” Hart in his life.  But it is this love that will keep him from obtaining the one thing that he wants more than life itself.  There is a prophecy that foretells the woman who bares his child being tormented, and he wants nothing to do with causing Amy more pain.

Suddenly they are both thrown back into danger when Alex’s estranged half brother (Julian) is out to kill him and teams us with a man who has tried to kill Amy’s sister (Stephanie) and Mac, after breaking him out of jail.  As they work to keep all themselves out of danger and foil the sinister plot that Julian and his accomplice are dreaming up, Alex might just find out what is really the most important thing to himself overall, and Amy might just change her mind about Alex.

Last Man Standing is a fantastic follow up to Swift of Heart.  This story follows Amy and Alex and their rocky romance.  Well, it is rocky because Alex is trying to do things to protect Amy and all they end up doing is making her mad and confused.  The author does an incredible job of getting the reader to understand the cultural aspects of this parallel world.  Ms. Davies also continues to write stories that have super spunky, take no prisoners, strong women characters who will not be “walked over” for any reason.  If you are a fan of strong and smart-mouthed female characters then you won’t want to miss the adventures of the Hart sisters.  Last Man Standing is a keeper. Although Last Man Standing is the sequel to Swift of Heart, it can be read alone.


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