Kaitlynís Dance by Savannah Madanelle

Demon Dazzler, Book 1



Reviewed by Cassie



Twenty-one-year-old Kaitlyn Porter is tired of having to attend tiresome dinners with her fatherís business associates, so she livens things up by seeing what she can get away with. One night, a man named Soren comes to dinner. She finds him very attractive and begins to tease him, but is shocked when he plays along rather than getting flustered. They begin a strange, hot affair. Despite her growing feelings, Kaitlyn knows thereís something odd about SorenÖ

Kaitlynís Dance is an unusual and interesting book. Kaitlynís character is a realistic portrayal of someone whoís still in college but often longs to be on her own. Her devotion to dance lends her maturity, but her attempts to irritate her mother show she can be immature as well. Soren came across mysterious and brooding yet sexy. His character wasnít as well developed as I would have liked, because the story centered around Kaitlynís thoughts, feelings, and reactions. I liked the spooky atmosphere of much of the story, as well as the uncertainty about who Soren was and what he wanted from Kaitlyn. The rather unusual slant on vampirism was also welcome. Many of the sex scenes were very hot! The only real flaws to this one were the lack of Sorenís point of view and my occasional annoyance with the character of Kaitlyn. When the story ended, I still felt a bit distanced from them, so their happy ending didnít ring as true as Iíd hoped.


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