Johanna by Isabel L. Martens

Awe-Struck books

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-58749-628-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Johanna is an orphan who has turned her tough upbringing into ferocity for her career.  She figures never to marry and is convinced more of this when an impulsive weekend with a down-on-his-luck stranger leaves her pregnant.  Johanna does some soul searching and knows she is going to keep this baby, but it could cost her career.  So she hatches a plan to compensate the man (the babyís father) for his time and obtain a marriage in name only, as to be unwed and pregnant at her job will bring her career to a screeching halt.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, her down-on-his-luck man is not so down on his luck, and has a few demands on his own.

Jake canít believe his good fortune to have fathered a child.  After the death of his first wife on their honeymoon he never thought it would be possible.  So no way is he going to lose out on the raising of his child.

As they spend time together, Johanna and Jake find themselves falling in love.  But will Jakeís past haunt them forever, and will it tear them irrevocably apart?

Johanna is an emotional rollercoaster of a story.  You will laugh and you will cry at the twists and turns this story takes.  There are unforeseen forces that will work against this couple as they try to love and protect each other and form a strong family unit.  I found the author did a wonderful job in telling how the entire family can be affected by the action of one, even if it is unintentional.  Johanna is also the story about a love that in the end wonít be denied.  I thoroughly enjoyed this story and think you will also.


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