Jebaral by Linda Mooney

Runner’s Moon

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Fantasy/Alien Race

ISBN: 978-1-60313-000-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Jebaral was one of thirty-one aliens who crash-landed their spacecraft on Earth five years ago, when escaping the Arra’s.  The Arras had imprisoned Jabaral’s race to be used as either slaves or a food delicacy.  When the opportunity arose, Jeb and his brother along with the others commandeered a spacecraft and landed on Earth.  They are shape shifters and during the day are locked into whatever form they have taken.  Their anatomy is similar enough to humans they are able to blend in, though they are strict vegetarians, have exceptional strength and must revert to their base form at some point during the night.

Jeb can’t stand the thought of others being imprisoned or hurt as he was in the past, and because of this is quickly drawn to Hannah when she waits on him in the diner.  He is amazed at this lovely woman with her bright smile and friendly manner.  It is easy to see that Hannah’s boyfriend is beating her and it doesn’t seem to be stopping.  Hannah is upset when Jeb announces that he is moving on and won’t be seeing her daily.

Hannah spends the rest of her shift dreaming about running away with Jeb and decides she might take the chance to ask him.  Unfortunately she talks in her sleep and her boyfriend does not react well.  When Hannah doesn’t come to work, Jeb goes to her place and finds her severely injured and takes her with him. Jeb and Hannah quickly fall in love.  But what will happen when Hannah sees Jeb’s true form and will they be able to withstand Clay’s fury if he finds Hannah?

Jebaral is a quick moving story with a lot of information passed onto the reader.  Linda Mooney weaves Jeb and Hannah’s pasts expertly in with their current adventures and feelings.  Additionally she does a great job in adding the right amount of internal worry among her characters, so that you know not all is easily solved.  I thoroughly enjoyed this tale and look forward to more in this potential series.


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