Itís How You Play the Game by Willa Okati

Sequel to The Name of the Game

Torquere Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-212-6, 1-60370-212-1

Reviewed by Cassie



Clay and Seth are about to celebrate their civil partnership, and to help out Anthony has offered to cater the party.  Unfortunately, he doesnít know how to cook!  In order to fix that little problem, he signs up for a class called Coastal Cuisine.  Once there, he meets sexy, outspoken Roan.  Roan clearly wants Anthony, and heís all for it at first.  Then Roan begins to want more.  Can Anthony get past his issues, or will he lose Roan for good?

Itís How You Play the Game follows The Name of the Game, and although it would stand alone quite well, I enjoyed finding out what happened with Seth and Clay after the first book ended.  When I finished the first book, I was hoping Anthony would get a book.  Anthony is quite a character, with his flighty, flirty nature, interesting fashion sense, and fear of commitment.  I wasnít sure if I liked Roan at first.  His force of nature personality and quick certainty of what he wanted bugged me at first.  As the book progressed, though, he began to seem like just what Anthony needed.  Itís How You Play the Game is a very different book from The Name of the Game, but I still enjoyed it.  The love scenes are incredibly hot, and thereís a lot of emotion here.  The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of Roanís point of view.  Understanding where Roan was coming from would have deepened the story for me.  That said, this was a well-written book with emotion, hot sex, and plenty of crazy Anthony-ness that made me smile.


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