Immortal Illusions by Ursula Bauer

The Eternity Covenant Book 2

Samhain Publishing

Erotic Paranormal Romance

ISBN 1-59998-832-1

Reviewed by Nannette



Raine Spencer is the top occult analyst for the Council of Wardens. Jack Madden is the ultimate bad boy. Heís also a sorcerer and a demi-God. He and Raine are sent on a mission to retrieve lost relics that, if they fell into the wrong hands, could destroy the covenant. High Elder Warden Kerr has no tolerance for half breeds which Raine is. She is half elf and half human. Kerr and Jack also despise each other. Kerr is the man responsible for Jackís exile, causing him to lose his powers. Raine is taking the mission as a way to prove herself. She wants to become a knight, something nearly impossibly for a half breed. Jack just wants revenge against Kerr and those who helped to exile him. He plans to use Raineís unleashed powers as a surrogate to gain his own power and carry out his vengeance. Raine, however, is stirring unfamiliar and unwanted feelings in Jack. He is drawn to her and he wants her.  Raine feels the intense chemistry between them as well but she doesnít know who she can trust. Everyone has their own agenda, Raine and Jack included and in the quest for power, no one should be trusted. The ones closet to them may be holding the most secrets.

An intriguing and intricate plot surrounds a very sensual romance in Immortal Illusions. Jack is seductive and charming. I love how his actions and emotions play out on the pages. Raine is smart and strong and when her magic kicks in, she can really kick demon butt! Immortal Illusions is a well written story full of action and sensuality.     


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