Hunterís Moon by M. J. Spickett

eXtasy Books

Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Lisa



Alpha to her pack for the past eight years, Kayla leads a dual life as police officer and werewolf.  For Kayla though being a wife and mother is her priority.  Kevin is a shaman but his wife Kayla and their kids are everything to him. 

On the night of the full moon Kayla teaches the newest werewolves how to survive.  Kevin wants to be changed and run with Kayla but they have agreed to wait until their children are older. 

Years and years of being true to her vows but tonight Kayla spots a new were, a gorgeous male were in her woods and she canít help but want him.  Human or wolf Ė will vows or instinct win or loose?

Hot, steamy and playful, best describes Hunterís Moon.  I genuinely liked the characters, carnal and fun without going overboard or boring in the bedroom.  Sometimes, itís enjoyable to read about a couple who love each other and know how to love each other.  Hunterís Moon gets it right


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