Howlin’ by Allyson James

Ellora’s Cave

Werewolf / Ménage a Trois or More / Gay

ISBN: 9781419913662

Reviewed by Indy



Small time police officer Patrice Spencer can’t quite grasp her sense of restlessness, and a dark haired man named Coyote Jackson saying it’s because she will become a furry beast is the last thing she expects to hear. Alain Dupree can sense the female shifter near his home, but has yet to be able to track her down. With the help of the wily coyote shifter from the bloodline of a God, Alain plans on having Patrice as the mate he’s been longing for. Before that can happy Alain must put to rest the ghost of his dead father by tracking down whoever killed him and making them pay. With the help of his mate Patrice and lover Jackson Alain hopes he will finally be able to find peace and come to terms with his father’s death.

Situated in a contemporary setting the story of a shifter who finds his mate, a new lover and avenges his father’s death has all the right elements for a memorable story. Howlin’ has a cover that would give most people nightmares but the shifters in it are far from ravaging beasts. Disciplined even in shifter form Patrice, Jackson and Alain all seem to keep their cool when needed and only seem to allow their wild sides to flow while in the bedroom. Allyson James wrote a good story most will enjoy.


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