Hitched by Ann Jacobs

Heart of the West, Book 2

Elloraís Cave

Erotic BDSM/Western

ISBN: 9781419915635

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Brad McTavish, the owner of Roped and Lassoed, a BDSM club, has become fixated with Keely, a sub who frequents his club.  It has gotten to the point where he wants no one to dominate her in scenes but himself.  He knows that if she would just give him half a chance he could prove to her that he is a master worthy of her trust.  But trust comes hard for Keely, and the more Brad pushes, the further Keely pulls away. 

Itís going to take more than words to lasso this filly.  Keely has had some very bad experiences with trust in her past, and she knows that misplaced trust can get her hurt.  She also knows that if she's going to outlive the rumors about her family, her submissive yearnings must stay secretive and on the down-low.  She would like nothing more than to be the one woman Brad McTavish goes home to at night, but she just canít risk it.  His bad boy ways and reputation scare Keely, and so she continues to shy away from the one good thing that could be in her life Ė love from her master.

In Hitched, the second installment of Ann Jacobsí Heart of the West series, readers will meet the other McTavish brother, Brad.  Brad grabbed my heart from the get go because he was so in love with Keely that he was willing to give up parts of his lifestyle to earn her trust.  I kept hoping that Keely would realize how much he cared and accept him for what he was, a Dom who loved her above all things.

Hitched is a worthy addition to any keeper shelf.  Ann Jacobs has had me hooked as a reader since I first read A Mutual Favor years ago.  She continues to come up with stories that tantalize and tease the senses.  Not to mention down and dirty sexual encounters that would leave even the most jaded of readers panting for more. 



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