His Christmas Bride by Emily Becher

The Wild Rose Press

Regency Romance

Reviewed by Katherine



Emmy Harris was living with a deadline, and few prospects.  There were only three days until Christmas, and if she didn’t find a husband by then, her father would.  As one of many guests at Abernathy Manor for the holidays, there was still a short supply of eligible bachelors, two to be exact.   The first was Marcus Fielding, Earl of Winchelsea, the second was Mr. Logan Abernathy, her best friend Lizzie’s brother, the man who’d always been a good friend of hers, and he was also the man who had broken her heart.

Emmy decides to set her sites on Lord Winchelsea.  She knew he wouldn’t be able to hurt her as Logan had, plus Logan wasn’t there.  She hadn’t seen him since that night when everything had changed.

Logan hadn’t planned on coming home for the holidays, not until he learned that Emmy was being forced to marry.  Arriving home, he immediately seeks her out, knowing that his past actions may have caused irreparable harm to their friendship.  He may not be in love with her, but he doesn’t appreciate Marcus’ attention towards Emmy, nor hers towards him.

Logan wants all her attention for himself. 

His Christmas Bride had two perfect qualities; it was a Christmas-themed best-friends romance.  I loved the romance between Logan and Emmy.  Logan was blinded by his efforts of keeping things the way they’d been, that he never realized that he and Emmy’s care for one another had grown from mere friendship to love.  I also adored all of the secondary characters.  Ms. Becher finely developed these characters, and I would love to go back and read the story of how Lizzie met her husband, and then have a story of the third friend Ginger finding her own.  I eagerly anticipate additional stories by this author.


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