Hidden Prospects by Sarita Leone

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



After a recent upheaval in her life, Megan decided that taking an assignment in remote Alaska to photograph wildlife for a ranch is just what she needs.  She’s swearing off men and decides this is the perfect place to let her job take her.  She’s attracted to Stetson, “call me Stet”, the foremen on the ranch where she has just taken an assignment, but isn’t going to allow herself to be drawn in by his charm. I mean the man wears a black cowboy hat, for goodness sakes.  Though that is one fine looking and caring man she’s fighting her attraction to.

As her time progresses on the ranch, she enjoys the wonderment of moose watching under the moon, seeing a foal born and feeling a part of a family again.  But will she keep Stet at a distance and not let him in her heart?

Hidden Prospects takes place on a ranch in Alaska.  While I had never thought of raising horses in Alaska, this story has me rethinking my previous beliefs.  The author did a wonderful job of developing thoughtful characters.  I enjoyed how Megan warms up to the Alaskan wildnerness as well as the cowboy right before her eyes. I felt warm and fuzzy when I finished reading Hidden Prospects and I suspect many others will also.


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