He’s the One by Jane Beckenham

Linden Bay Romance

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60202-070-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Taylor is a successful wedding consultant with a dilemma. Okay, so maybe more than one, but she is currently planning how to solve the big one.   She is still a virgin and when her customers ask her advice, she has no basis for answering.  So she decides to rectify the situation.  She is instantly drawn to the best man in one of the weddings she has planned.  She knows he has a reputation as being a playboy but treating his past dates with dignity etc.  So she makes him a proposition, her virginity for help in promoting his new business venture.

Cade “I don’t believe in marriage for me” Harper is a local bar owner and one hot looking man.  He is floored by Taylor’s suggestion but he is also drawn to her.  So he decides to take her up on the proposition.  But on his terms, meaning they will get to know each other first. 

When they both break it off, but can’t find any peace without each other, they are drawn back together again.  But will being together be enough for the wedding planner?  More importantly, is Cade willing to change his views of happily ever after to be with Taylor?

He’s the One is a fun look at a serious subject.  I loved that Cade “got” Taylor and could see right through her family’s treatment of her to the wonderful woman she was, and that he could forgive her for her schizophrenic treatment of him.  She wants him by her rules, but when she wants to change her rules and he wants to change them, she is not real sure how to treat him.  Ms. Beckenham did a great job in pulling in not only the characters’ feelings but their pasts also.  I found He’s the One to be a strong contemporary romance, with a couple of really hot love scenes.


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