Hearts and Wishes by Shiloh Walker

Elloraís Cave

Erotic Fantasy Romance

ISBN 9781419915611

Reviewed by Nannette



Holly is the daughter of Santa Claus. Heís known as Nikolai to their people.  Holly has led an extremely sheltered life and sheís sick of it. Rhys is Nikolaiís second in command and the one who teaches Holly to master her magickal abilities. Heís also the man who haunts her dreams.

Holly has become an obsession to Rhys. He wants her badly but as his student, his best friendís daughter, and an innocent young woman, she is way off limits to him. While trying to comfort Holly one night, their mutual desire explodes between them and Holly gets her first lesson in passion.  Holly finally decides to escape her homemade prison but this time Nikolai might be right. While she spends her time living among mortals she is being stalked by someone who wants her magick and he will kill her to get it.  

Santa and renegade elves make part of Hearts and Wishes storyline amusing, but more often than not itís exciting and erotic. Rhys and Hollyís relationship is far from funny. From the moment of their first hot and forbidden kiss, their passion explodes off the pages. I loved them together. Hearts and Wishes is the sequel to Shiloh Walkerís Make Me Believe. They are both entertaining and hot stories.


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