Heard on High by Lee Benoit

Holiday Nice Sip

Torquere Press

Gay Contemporary

Reviewed by Beth Anne



OH, Nice!!! I may not know much about music, but I enjoyed Hal, director of a gay menís chorus and his interaction with new choir member Arlie.  Events begin with Hal discussing Arlie with another choir member Paulo, and the possibility that they will not be able to use Arlie in the choir due to the fact that Arlie doesnít appear to be able to sing in the expected range.  Halís afraid heíll have to let Arlie go, especially since Hal is extremely attracted to Arlie.

Heard on High is a delightful beginning to a promising relationship, and Lee Benoit had fun taking old stand by holiday tunes and rephrasing with sexual innuendos. The Dialog was funny and touching, the sex was fun and hot, and the story left me with a smile on my face.  Very enlightened method to discover someoneís true voice range!


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