Hallow's Eve Hunk by M.A. Ellis

Tricks and Treats

Elloraís Cave

Quickie / Halloween / Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419912740

Reviewed by Tanya



Vicky is back in town and looking to start up her interior design business.  Though she thinks the costumed Halloween party her cousin is throwing will be the perfect distraction for her.  That is until it is upon her and she finds out that the party is a lot kinkier than she is comfortable with.  There is no way she is going to get down and dirty with four of her cousinís friends, just to make business contacts.  So she escapes to a local neighborhood bar.

Andy isnít sure why he is hanging out at this local bar tonight but he thanks his lucky stars when Vicky walks in.  She is dressed as a character from National Velvet and Andy canít take his eyes off her, or get his anatomy under control.

They both embark in a little private sexual role playing and hit it off instantly.  It turns into an evening neither can forget, but do they want to?  Can Andy convince Vicky this is meant to be more than a one-night stand?

Hallowís Eve Hunk is a story that helps remind us all that sometimes you donít have to be almost naked to be sexy; the allure can be in the imagination of those trying to imagine what is below the wrappings.  I enjoyed this fast-paced Halloween night story.  I could easily image Vicki in her conversations with Andy and how her concerns would be hard to bring up but necessary to deal with.  Ms. Ellis does an extraordinary job in writing an erotic scene and making the reader feel like they are hearing the story for the first time.  Hallowís Eve Hunk is a good story to pick up for a fast, erotic read.


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