Graceful Mischief by Melinda Barron


Loose Id

Contemporary/ BDSM/Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-182-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Grace is a novelist and Toffer is a well-known actor.  They are currently in England while he is filming a new movie and will be spending Halloween together in this foreign land.  Grace is excited to be going to a BDSM club for Halloween and even more excited as Toffer has just bought her a new sexy corset for the evening.  Toffer is not only her husband but also her Master, which is a relationship that they have both relished since they first met.  Toffer is fierce about protecting Grace from those who think since she is size 18ish that she is not good enough for him.  He loves her the way she is and gets angry with her when she puts herself down.

For Halloween, Toffer has other things in mind.  They have toyed with the idea of letting a third play with them and his current co-star is also a Dom and might just be the man for the job.  Toffer sets up an elaborate cat and mouse game for the maze at the castle where they are staying.  While it is not the club Grace had expected, even if she loses in the maze, she still wins.  But what surprises does Toffer really have in store?

Graceful Mischief is a fast-paced, sexually charged read.  I thoroughly enjoyed how the author portrayed the “pretty boy” and how he would get upset with not only the paparazzi but with his wife when she was ashamed of her body.  There is some light bondage in this story as well as multiple partners but if that doesn’t offend you then Graceful Mischief is an extremely well-written story that you need to pick up.  This story might give you ideas for Halloween yourself.


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