Going Against Orders by Carol Lynne

 Men in Love: Book 5

Ellora's Cave

Multiple Partners M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419910463

Reviewed by Ley


Abandoned by his mother when he was very young, Nicco grew up under the abusive control of his military, homophobic father whom he was only allowed to refer to as Colonel.  For his entire life Nicco sought the Colonel's approval, to the point of joining the Navy and leaving behind the one person who truly loved him, his best friend Mac.

When Nicco left him, Mac was devastated.  He knew Nicco was running from him. To escape the pain of losing him Mac joined the Marines. On special assignment in Afghanistan, Mac meets and fall in love with Amir, a British Army officer. After nearly dying in an explosion, Mac breaks off his romance with Amir, leaving Amir and himself broken-hearted.  Even though he loves Amir, his love and need for Nicco leads him to a life of celibacy.

After reconnecting while Mac is in the hospital, Mac and Nicco resume their friendship on a platonic level.  Working at a company they built together where Amir was also an employee, Mac patiently waited for Nicco until he is ready to be more than just friends.  Finally able to love each other in the way they always dreamed about, the only dark cloud on their newfound happiness is Amir's broken heart.

Going Against Orders is the 5th installment of Carol Lynne's soap opera-esque Men in Love series.  I liked this story, as part of the series it fills in the gaps and explains scenes that were left open-ended from the previous installments.  Carol Lynne does a very good job of tying in the scenes and keeping with the time line.  Nicco, Mac and Amir are three very strong-minded as well as physically strong men, but they are also men who have been hurt and full of love that they wanted desperately to share.  I felt compassion for all three of them but it was Amir who got to me the most.  He loved Mac and was willing to work for him just to be near him knowing that Mac may never be with him again because of his love for Nicco.   I adore stories with surprises, angst, and hot man on man action and Going Against Orders has all three, especially the man on man action.

Going Against Orders can be read as a stand-alone but I suggest reading the prior four books in sequential order to get a better feel of the supporting characters.


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