Give it to Me by Desiree Holt

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Carolina, Callie to her friends, is depressed.  It is her birthday and she had set things up to finally play out a few of her erotic fantasies.  But, just before the anticipated day, her current boyfriend decides she is too adventurous for him and bolts.  Will she follow the advice of her best friend and throw caution to the wind and approach the man who has starred in many of her recent dreams?  Her neighbor has not shown any interest in her but she canít resist the man.  So she decides to take a chance and propositions him.  When Sam arrives, phew, he is not only up for the task but it looks like they may have some of the same fantasies.

Give it to Me is a fast-paced, erotic tale by Desiree Holt.  There are a lot of well-written spicy hot, erotic sex scenes that will get your blood racing.  The author did a fine job of setting the stage for this encounter between two neighbors, and showing that it will lead to more in the future between the two.


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