Getting Physical by Victoria Blisse


Romance, BBW

ISBN: 1-59426-531-3

Reviewed by Erys



When her mother gives her a year long membership to the gym, Terri knows she’s in for it. She is a BBW, and there is no way she can fit in at a gym. Not with all those skinny as a rail girls and big muscle men. In fact, on her first trip there she sees a gorgeous guy who makes her realize she should have just stayed home. But then she gets the courage to go back so she can show him she doesn’t intimidate easy, and she learns things aren’t always what they seem.

Getting Physical was a refreshing read. I really liked Terri and John.  Not only are their interactions enjoyable, but they make you want to read more. More about them, and more from Victoria Blisse. Getting Physical is a thoroughly satisfying story.  I look forward to more from this author.


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