Game of the Season by Willa Okati

Sequel to The Name of the Game

Torquere Books

Gay Contemporary / Holiday

Reviewed by Cassie



Itís Seth and Clayís first Christmas together, and Seth wants to make it perfect.  Unfortunately, he hasnít exactly told his stuck-up rich family heís gay, and thatís only the beginning of the holiday misfortunes.  Can they make it a holiday to remember after all?

Game of the Season is a quick, fun read that combines hot sex, emotion, and humor.  Having read The Name of the Game, I really enjoyed the glimpse into Sethís conflict.  Trying to deal with his cold family and the strong feelings he has for Clay is hard for him, but luckily Seth is up to the challenge.  Clayís ability to roll with the punches makes him a great match for Seth.  As usual, Willa Okati doesnít disappoint.  Her believable and likable characters, sense of humor, and deft hand with love scenes make Game of the Season well worth reading.  If you liked The Name of the Game, be sure to pick up Game of the Season and find out what happened next.


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