Ferris Wheel by Drew Zachary

Single Shot Classic

Torquere Press

Contemporary Romance (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60370-179-2; 1-60370-179-6

Reviewed by Sabella



Ferris wheels are a lot like Jake’s life – one repeating cycle throughout the years.  Jake always joins a carnival at the start of the season to run the Ferris wheel and he always forgets at the start how bored he feels by the end of the summer.  This year, however, Jake comes across Lindsey, a local who is up for a romp every time Jake comes to town.  As the years pass Lindsay brings his boyfriend to join the fun but as time goes on and Lindsay can’t take Jake up on his offer Lindsay finds someone else for Jake – Dave.  Dave proves to be the change that Jake needs in his life to make it perfect…

Ferris Wheel is a fun, sexy and charming book.  At the start, Jake and Lindsay coming together has the flavor of a lava hot one-night stand, but as the men keep meeting year after year a sense of a loose relationship begins to form.  However, when Dave joins the fray, things heat up on more than one side – in Dave, Jake might find the perfect man for him.  All through out the book, the encounters between the men are so hot that they will leave you panting for breath even as they make you smile at their raunchiness.   Pick up Ferris Wheel for a lazy afternoon where you are looking for a little bit of raunchy with your romance!


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