Feliz Nueva York by Helen Pilz

The Wild Rose Press

Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Tanya



Rose Moreno moved to NYC after college graduation.  In truth, while her family was left behind in New Mexico, she was also running from a devastating relationship break up.  She loved a young man whose parents didnít approve of her heritage or background.  She decided that she wonít put her heart out to a rich boy again.  Now Brian Garner, from her office, that is another story.  She has had a major crush on the hard-working man since she first met him.  She even keeps the department softball team photo in her desk, because he is next to her in the picture.  When they are both leaving the office on Christmas Eve during a storm, they have an opportunity to share a cab and she jumps at the chance.

After an accident on the icy streets leaves them closer to Brianís apartment, she agrees to go there with him for the evening.  Everything is going well until she hears his mother on the answering machine trying to figure out if he is bringing a date for Christmas dinner.  She is stunned to figure out it is her last relationship all over again, as he is from a wealthy family.  But it seems that Brian has had a crush on her for as long as she has on him.  Will she take the chance for a Christmas miracle and let her heart become involved?

Feliz Nueva York was a fast-paced sweet story.  While it was quickly predictable as to the way the story would unfold, the journey to get there was pleasing.  Ms. Plitz does a wonderful job with this genre and I would like to see her write a longer novel.  Feliz Nueva York is a fun holiday pick me up.


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