Feast of the Flesh by A.D. Christopher

Tricks and Treats

Ellora’s Cave

Urban Fantasy (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-41991-339-6

Reviewed by Sabella



Patrick is a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world.  On Samhain night, when his band of fellow survivors is celebrating in a dance, a strange man approaches Patrick and entices him to take a walk through the woods.  The strange thing is not that a stranger approached him – but that Patrick seems to recognize him in a deep and visceral way…

Caradoc is a former river deity that has been forgotten and relegated to wandering aimlessly in the mists of the Otherworld.  His existence has been a torture for centuries but on this Samhain night Caradoc will get his revenge on the man that condemned him to an eternity of nothingness – Padraig – when Padraig renounced his worship of Caradoc.  Caradoc is certain that Padraig has been reincarnated into Patrick and Caradoc will enact his revenge on him to the best of his ability and make him pay.

But what will happen when Patrick recalls his life as Padraig and decides to make it up to Caradoc?

Feast of the Flesh is a tale about hate, love, redemption and faith.  Caradoc is not a very sympathetic character as he is full of hate and vengeful thoughts; however, he is redeemed at the end when he chooses faith in his worshiper over maintaining his anger and hate.  Patrick is also a difficult character to like as he revels in his torture at the hands of Caradoc.  Still, Feast of the Flesh is by turns dark, poignant, sexy and redeeming making it an interesting read.


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